• Last Modified: Friday 17 September 2021.

Major services were provided in the category of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in railways sector on the basis of joint venture model along with state and other stakeholders under the DbFOT pattern on toll, annual institute and mixed annual institute basis. Are there. For the execution of such projects and timely completion, IRCON is dependent on the experience of experienced design engineers, technical personnel and skilled project management personnel with the help of their company's financial capacity.
Services made available under Public Private Partnerships (PPP) projects include:

  • Detailed Engineering Studies.
  • Financial Modeling.
  • Acquisition of content.
  • Detailed Design and Proof Testing including Construction / Fabrication Arrayings.
  • Project management complies with strict quality and project goals.
  • Operation and Maintenance.
Important Projects
  • In the state of Chhattisgarh, the corridor of the Eastern corridor between Kharsia to Dharamjaygarh. build.
  • The Eastern Corridor Corridor - between Pendra Road from Gevra Road in Chhattisgarh State -. build.
  • Widening the existing bikaner Phalouda block to make two lanes with a tunnel of four km from Kms 4.22 km to km 55.250 and paved shoulder from Km 55.250 to 163.500 on bOT (toll) basis in Rajasthan state. And its strengthening.
  • Making four lane from Shivpuri to Guna up to km 236.00 to Km 332.100 (package-) in the state of Madhya Pradesh to be executed on bOT (toll) basis on DbFOT pattern under Phase-IV of NHPD.
  • Complete project
    • To construct four lane of Pimpalgaon-Dhule section of National Highway Project on bOT basis.